Monday, June 8, 2015

Orthodox Church 2

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Ancient Orthodox Communion chalice

Christogram used by the Eastern Churches, a IC XC NI KA monogram meaning 'Jesus Christ Conquers' or 'Jesus Christ the Conqueror' - it is always combined with a cross.

A prayer rope is a loop made up of complex knots, usually out of wool or silk. The prayer rope is part of the habit of Eastern Orthodox monks and nuns and is employed by monastics (and sometimes by others) to count the number of times one has prayed the Jesus Prayer (Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner) or, occasionally, other prayers.

The Divine Liturgy

Venerating the Cross

A riza (Russian: риза, "robe") or oklad (оклад, "covered"), sometimes called a "revetment" in English, is a metal cover protecting an icon. It is usually made of gilt or silvered metal with repoussé work and is pierced to expose elements of the underlying painting. It is sometimes enameled, filigreed, or set with artificial, semi-precious or even precious stones and pearls. The purpose of a riza is to honour and venerate an icon, and ultimately the figure depicted on it, such as Christ or a saint. Because candles and lampadas (oil lamps) are burned in front of icons, and incense is used during services, icons can become darkened over time. The riza helps protect the icon.

Coptic Christians Protesting Against Persecution

Orthodox Baptism

Vasily Petrov - Christians in Pagan Kiev

Eastern Orthodox tradition tells that the pagans directed the stream of a river against the sanctuary of St. Michael in Colossae to destroy it, but Michael the Archangel appeared and split the rock by lightning to give a new bed to the stream, diverting the flow away from the church and sanctifying forever the waters which came from the gorge. The Orthodox celebrate a feast in commemoration of this event on 6 September. 

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