Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Orthodox Church 6

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Saint Nino, Equal to the Apostles and the Enlightener of Georgia, (c. 296 – c. 338 or 340) was a woman who preached Christianity in Georgia.
According to most widely traditional accounts, she belonged to a Greek-speaking Roman family from Kolastra, Cappadocia, was a relative of Saint George, and came to Georgia (ancient Iberia) from Constantinople. Other sources claim she was from Rome, Jerusalem or Gaul (modern France). According to legend, she performed miraculous healings and converted the Georgian queen, Nana, and eventually the pagan king Mirian III of Iberia, who, lost in darkness and blinded on a hunting trip, found his way only after he prayed to "Nino’s God". Mirian declared Christianity the official religion (c. 327) and Nino continued her missionary activities among Georgians until her death.

Divine Liturgy at Holy Apostles Monastery in Kolwezi

Praying Before the Battle

Orthodox Baptism

Eye of a Saint

Avva Iulian (Lazăr) Prodromitul

Making Mosaics


Orthodox Baptism

An Orthodox Church

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